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Register your company with us. We shall list your business in all your respective supply area (pincode wise) including the product and brands you deal with. You will be given access to control panel, using which you can change the pricing of your product as and when it needs change.

You will be given enquiry generated for water in your supply area (pincode wise). If any of your regular customer is contact you for booking, you can allow them to book their orders online. The order will be forwarded to you and to your supplier. Your supplier will receive the orders by SMS and you will get it by E-mail on a daily basis.

You will get to know about your customer base and it is lying with your supplier. By installing Blupal, you can get complete details about your customer database and you can have better control over your customers and business at large.

Register your company free / premium make consumer to find you as local area supplier all over India for mineral water, packaged drinking water, flavored water.

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